Tooth Replacement Including Dentures, Partial Dentures, and Fixed Bridgework from Columbus Family Dentistry

Missing teeth are a more common problem than you think, so if your smile is missing teeth, don’t be embarrassed! Instead, visit Columbus Family Dentistry in Columbus, Georgia to discuss your tooth replacement options including full dentures, partial dentures, and fixed bridgework. Dr. Scott McLaurin and Dr. Fred Moore have experience in providing tooth replacement for a variety of patients with different needs, and they can customize your tooth replacement plan to complete your smile in a way that works best for you.


Dentures come in two basic types: full and partial. Full dentures can often be the most affordable and convenient way to help a patient who has lost all of the teeth along either the upper or lower arch. A partial denture is used when a few healthy teeth remain, staying in place using clasps that grasp comfortably onto your natural teeth. Dentures are removable, which can make for easy hygiene care and replacement when changes loosen the fit of existing dentures.

Fixed Bridge

Our Columbus, GA dental office also offers fixed bridgework for patients who are missing one or a few teeth and are interested in a permanently placed tooth replacement option. Fixed bridges are anchored using crowns affixed to adjoining natural teeth on either side of the gap where teeth are being replaced. People have found fixed bridge to be an excellent way to comfortably replace teeth for decades.

If you’re interested, visit our dental implants page to find out more about this type of tooth replacement, also available at Columbus Family Dentistry.

Contact Columbus Family Dentistry to discuss your tooth replacement options with us. If you’re in LaGrange, Ft. Benning, Phenix City, Alabama, or surrounding communities, we can complete your smile as well at our Columbus, Georgia dental office. Need a Saturday appointment? Contact Dr. Scott McLaurin’s Buena Vista dental practice at 229-649-7332. We make it easy to receive the dental care you need at Columbus Family Dentistry!

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