Dental Implants from Columbus Family Dentistry

Nothing has the power to affect how you feel about your smile quite like missing teeth – and nothing has the power to rebuild smile self-confidence quite like dental implants. If you have lost a tooth or several teeth, wouldn’t you like to replace them with a tooth replacement method that is almost like regenerating a brand new tooth? Because dental implants rebuild your missing teeth from the ground up, providing not only replacement crowns but replacement roots as well, they are the ultimate in natural-looking and feeling tooth replacement for Columbus, Georgia dental patients.

The dentists at Columbus Family Dentistry can restore your dental implants once they’ve been surgically placed, and we will gladly provide you with a referral to an oral surgeon whom we trust for the implantation of your dental implants. Once the titanium posts that act as replacement tooth roots have been surgically placed and allowed to properly heal, you revisit Columbus Family Dentistry, where we place porcelain crowns on your dental implants to complete your smile. Your dental implants will feel sturdy, allowing you to once again enjoy a wealth of foods – even hard and chewy ones – and speak with confidence. You’ll once again have a youthful-looking smile and optimum oral function with dental implants.

Interested in dental implants? Contact us today to schedule an appointment at Columbus Family Dentistry in Columbus, Georgia. Patients from nearby communities including Ft. Benning, LaGrange, and Phenix City, Alabama have chosen us through the years because of our experience and friendly atmosphere. We’ll be glad to help you rediscover the freedom of a complete smile.

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