Invisalign Clear Braces in Columbus, Georgia

If you want a smile that really stands out, you want to make sure your teeth are straight and your bite is healthy. For adults suffering with crooked teeth or bite problems, traditional metal braces might not be a great solution. Metal braces can be uncomfortable and unattractive. But at Columbus Family Dentistry, we offer Invisalign clear braces to make straightening your teeth even easier, more comfortable, and, most notably, more attractive than ever.

Invisalign clear braces are made from plastic and molded to your teeth. A series of aligners will be designed just for you. You wear an aligner for a few weeks, then switch to a new aligner designed to adjust your teeth slightly. Because they’re made from plastic, Invisalign aligners are smooth, which means they won’t irritate your soft oral tissues. And people will hardly notice that you’re straightening your teeth until they see the stunning results!

Invisalign clear braces are completely removable, making them easy to clean and care for. You can also pop them out whenever you have a special occasion for which you want to look your absolute best – although Invisalign aligners blend so well with your natural smile, you might not have to!

If you’re interested in investigating Invisalign, contact Columbus Family Dentistry to discuss this option with Dr. Scott McLaurin and Dr. Fred Moore. We happily serve patients from Ft. Benning, LaGrange, Phenix City, Alabama, and other nearby communities. Let us help you reshape your smile today with Invisalign!

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